About NRGL

About NRGL

The National Repository of Grey Literature was established with the support of the Ministry of Culture within the framework of the project entitled The Digital Library for Grey Literature – Functional Model and Pilot Implementation. More information about the project can be found here.

National Repository of Grey Literature (NRGL) provides central access to information on grey literature produced in the Czech Republic in the fields of science, research and education.

Search interface is available at: www.nusl.cz

The NRGL offers:
To Partners
• long-term archiving of electronic documents and metadata
• promotion of the institution and its outcomes both in the Czech Republic and abroad
• facilitating mandatory disclosure of information

To users:
• unified access to information on grey literature in the CR
• easy intuitive search, user-friendly graphic interface
• information on location and availability of documents

Besides providing an independent access to data through the central interface, the NRGL aims at supporting science, research and education. It represents a tool for systematic collection of metadata and digital documents, secures long-term archiving and protection of data and primarily fosters cooperation with international grey literature networks.

Apart from the operation of the system, another aim of the NRGL is to support expert discussion about grey literature – see Seminars.

The NRGL is operated by the National Library of Technology in Prague (NTK), which provides the central collection, archiving and access to information on grey literature on the national level, in accordance with its statutes.

Citation of the web:
National Repository of Grey Literature [online]. Praha : Národní technická knihovna, [2008] [cit. 2012-03-30]. English version. Available from World Wide Web: <http://nrgl.techlib.cz/>.