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Grey Literature Repositories


Marcus Vaska
Joachim Schöpfel
Iveta Fürstová
Radim Polčák
Jan Mach
Bohdana Frantíková
Petr Karlach
Jindřich Dolanský

National Technical Library
University of Economics, Prague

Editor: Petra Pejšová

Publisher: Radim Bačuvčík - VeRBuM, Zlín 2010

Review by: RNDr. Miroslav Bartošek, CSc., Ing. Petr Žabička

The work was recommended for publication by the Scientific Editorial Board of VeRBuM publishing house.

The publication originated in the scope of the project The Digital Library of Grey Literature – functional model and pilot realization, supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic in the framework of programme projects.

The text is published under the terms of
the Creative Commons license: Attribution – NonCommercial – NoDerivs 3.0 Czech Republic

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Preface (page 5)
Ing. Martin Svoboda, National Technical Library

Introduction (page 7)
PhDr. Petra Pejšová, National Technical Library

Chapter 1: Introducting Grey Literature (page 11)
Marcus Vaska, University of Calgary, Canada

Chapter 2: Access to European Grey Literature (page 20)
Joachim Schöpfel, Ph.D., University of Lille, France

Chapter 3: The development of grey literature in the Czech Republic (page 34)
PhDr. Petra Pejšová, National Technical Library

Chapter 4: The NRGL Network (page 44)
Mgr. Iveta Fürstová, National Technical Library

Chapter 5: Access to University Final Theses (page 56)
Ing. Jan Mach, University of Economy, Prague

Chapter 6: Legal Aspects of Grey Literature (page 67)
JUDr. Radim Polčák, Masaryk University, Faculty of Law, Brno

Chapter 7: Descriptive Data for Grey Literature (page 80)
Bc. Bohdana Frantíková, National Technical Library

Chapter 8: Analysis and supporting documents for the selection of software for NRGL (page 96)
Ing. Petr Karlach

Chapter 9: NRGL Pilot Implementation (page 110)
Ing. Jindřich Dolanský and PhDr. Petra Pejšová, National Technical Library

Chapter 10: An Audit of the National Repository of Grey Literature using the DRAMBORA tool (page 126)
Ing. Petr Karlach

Conclusion (page 137)

Appendix (page 138)

Index to abbreviations (page 146)

Index (page 150)

PEJŠOVÁ, Petra (ed.). Grey literature repositories. Zlín : VeRBuM, 2010. 156 p. Available on WWW: <>. ISBN 978-80-904273-6-5.