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Resources marked with the logo logo_Tech are a component part of the Tech Subject Gateway of the same name, which offers search of Czech and foreign information resources in one place (library catalogues, databases, subject portals) mainly from the field of technology.

Portals and Digital Libraries of Grey Literature

Archive of pre-print documents from the field of physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance and statistics.

The DOAJ service is an open access directory of journals provided by the University in Lund (Sweden). It offers open access to full texts of scientific and scholarly journals. The journals can be browsed according to the titles or personalised subject categories. Membership represents a financial contribution to support their activity.

A French national system that serves to register administrative types of news (documents from the field of bodies and organisations of governmental and regional administration in France). Communication is in the French language; access is to full texts in different formats.

A system that is maintained by the institute Data Archiving and Networked Services. It is an institute by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, which is responsible for providing the storage of open-access research documents from the field of arts, humanities and social sciences and making them accessible.

A non-profitable organisation which brings together research organisations. It has developed a standard for the exchange format of research information CERIF (European Research Information Format), i.e. an international standard for communication of national information systems which should enable easier exchange of data on an ongoing research. It is recommended by the European Commission. The latest version of the format CERIF was published in September 2008.

An information network for resources of pre-prints in basic and applied sciences, primarily in physics but also including subject areas such as chemistry, biology and life sciences, materials science, nuclear sciences and engineering, energy research, computer and information technologies.

A portal which disseminates the official information from the US government. Search is done via the catalogue.

In April 2008 the portal DaREnet became a component part of the science portal NARCIS (National Academic Research and Collaborations Information System), which was developed by Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. Its users can find information about research, programmes, projects, research workers and institutions together with their profiles.

The NARCIS portal can be searched via the Google engine. The budget of this project is 6 million EUR and it is subsidised owing to the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union. It uses the URN:NBN identifier.

An important information server for technical reports from the USA in the field of science, technology and commerce, operated by the American service NTIS. (

NASA is a server of technical reports from the field of cosmic research. Open access to abstracts and full texts of technical reports from various NASA centres and programmes.

A collection „Computer Science Technical Reports“ contained in the digital library NZDL.

A scientific portal for grey literature of technical information. Open access documents via the online interface from the resources DTIC, DOE, NASA, EPA; it is a project within the US Department of Energy (

The OpenDOAR project (The Directory of Open Access Repository) was created at the University of Nottingham in Britain. It is a directory of academic open access repositories. It enables search for repositories according to countries, to keywords, language and software used. Harvesting of the metadata from the repositories is done by its employees and therefore the quality of the repository is guaranteed. Within the OpenDOAR project they produce statistical charts as well.

This "system for information on grey literature in Europe" is a multidisciplinary European database, covering science, technology, biomedical science, economics, social science and humanities. OpenGrey is operated by INIST-CNRS. It combines the resources of major European information and document supply centres which cooperates with this system. OpenGrey also includes the conference preprints of our partner GreyNet International annual conferences on grey literature GL.

It is a registry of „open access“ repositories, created by the University in Southampton. It offers search for repositories according to key words, countries, software, source type and contents. The search results of the repositories are displayed as thumbnails of the web sites of repositories. It provides statistical data and graphs. It is created under one platform E-prints – it is a platform to create open access repositories, e-prints courses and educational materials.

Institute GESIS - Gesellschaft sozialwissenschaftlicher Infrastruktureinrichtungen created an information portal SOWIPORT which includes grey literature and „open access“ publications from the field of social science. The concept of SOWIPORT is based on the so-called information cycle which divides information into three groups according to the activities performed.

ETD registers and archives

Register of theses and dissertations in the Czech Republic.

Electronic thesis online system „Open access“ to UK postgraduate thesis and dissertations. It also offers theses and dissertations which are digitalised retrospectively as well.

An archive of digital dissertations, post-doctoral thesis and master’s thesis of the Technical University in Berlin.

A Canadian information system of theses and dissertations.

The database contains 1,6 million of records of dissertations and partially theses defended at Northern American universities and some European ones with a retrospective to 1861. Each record from 1980 has an author’s abstract and from 1997 there are available online facsimiles of the introductory part of the document (24 pages). Full texts of most of the documents are available upon payment of a fee quoted at web page of PQDD.

NUSL provides central access to information on grey literature produced in the Czech Republic in the fields of science, research and education.

Search in the NUSL database

available at .

NUSL is operated by the National Library of Technology in Prague.