Grey Literature Partnership Network

In 2009 the NTK began building a new, much more extensive partnership network of grey literature producers, within the framework of which it is attempting to capture grey literature from research, development and education fields such as grant agencies, state administration, research organisations, education and the commercial sphere. In view of legislative and organisational restrictions the NTK is creating a network of cooperating institutions on a voluntary basis.

The NRGL offers partner institutions several ways to cooperate.

  • If an institution has its own repository (e.g. in the Digitool or DSpace system) for the long-term storage of grey literature documents, the repository can be connected to the Central Search Interface as a source. Data from the repository of the institution are harvested using the OAI-PMH protocol, but are not long-term archived in the NRGL. Records from the Central Search Interface of the NRGL then link to the repository of the institution, which ensures long-term access to the digital documents.
  • If an institution has its own repository, but is also interested in the long-term archiving of metadata and full texts in the Digital Repository of the NRGL at the NTK, it can transfer the metadata as well as digital documents using the OAI-PMH protocol directly to the Digital Repository of the NRGL for long-term storage.
  • If an institution does not have its own repository and does not have the option of installing and subsequently managing its own institutional repository, it can enter metadata and digital documents directly into the Digital Repository of the NRGL. The institution is allocated its own user name and password for the collection in question, while an authorised employee is trained in the use of the Invenio system, and directly creates records and attaches digital documents to them in the repository.

NRGL provides central access to information on grey literature produced in the Czech Republic in the fields of science, research and education.
NRGL is operated by the National Library of Technology in Prague.